Extension flat roof replacement

Replacement Extension Roofs

Opting for a new flat roof on your existing home extension reaps several rewards, particularly if the old roof suffers from leaks or insufficient insulation. 

Beyond rectifying these issues, a new single ply flat roof instantly revitalises your extension’s appearance, adding a modern touch. It substantially improves insulation, curbing energy wastage and reducing utility expenses.

This practical upgrade often offers a faster, more cost-effective solution than complex pitched roofs.

Is your extension roof leaking?

Experiencing leaks with your current extension roof? Those who’ve added flat roof extensions to their houses in the past often encounter issues like rapid cooling and even leaks over time. Naturally, this situation makes the area unwelcoming. Fortunately, here at GD Flat Roofing, we have the solution to your problem. Graham and the team will replace your current extension’s flat roof for a contemporary single ply flat roof substitute, enabling you to fully utilise your home extension throughout every season.

Replace leaking extension flat roofs
Leaking extension roof replacement

Improve or replace your extension flat roof

When existing extension flat roofs have a leaking issue or lack effective thermal properties, it makes sense to consider an upgrade or replacement. In some cases, your cold roof may need replacing with a new high-quality single ply roof to eliminate and leaks or draughts. In others, your roof may need to be entirely stripped off, re-joisted, fully insulated, and then replaced with a brand-new warm roof. Either way, we have the ideal solution for you.

During our home visit, we thoroughly inspect to determine the best installation for your property’s needs. We then set up your preferred choice, ensuring your extension is comfortable year-round. We customise roofing solutions based on usage—storage might not require warmth, while a kitchen extension greatly benefits from a cozy roof.

Our high-quality flat roof replacements

Every flat roof that we install uses the Protan single ply roofing system, which has been designed to be swift, safe, and simple to install as well as highly cost-effective.

Protan SE single ply is a high-quality polyester reinforced thermoplastic (PVC-P) waterproofing membrane with high tensile and tear strength. Protan SE contains stabilisers, which makes the product resistant to high and low temperatures, UV-resistant and flame retardant.

Even better, our Protan roofs benefit from a long service life and thanks to their low CO2 footprint throughout their lifecycle, they’re an eco-friendly choice for your home too. 

The Protan roofing system ensures that your extension will stay leakproof and well-insulated for many years to come.

Arrange your roof replacement

If you’re ready to find out more about replacing the existing flat roof on your extension, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the GD Flat Roofing team today. We’re on hand to answer your questions, give you the information you need, and arrange a site visit so you can get your free of charge no obligation quotation. 

Simply give us a call, send us an email, or complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you straightaway.

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