Protan single ply flat roof installers

What Is Single Ply roofing?

Over the past few years, single ply roofing as increased in popularity as a roof covering. This synthetic polymer-based roofing material provides a waterproofed layer in just one sheet, making it a convenient, swift-to-install solution for any flat roof.

With fewer seams when compared to asphalt rolled roofs, single ply roofs require no hot asphalt or torches for installation. Even better, they come with detailing accessories that are already pre-fabricated for easier fitting. 

Lightweight, cost-effective, and flexible, a single ply roof is safe and quick to install, so it isn’t too surprising that they’re becoming more and more popular for new-builds and refurbishment projects alike. Suitable for use on all sizes and shapes of roof, this membrane can be used on either cold or warm roof constructions.

The Protan flat roofing system

We work closely with our partner Protan, sourcing single ply roofing materials directly from them within the UK. We always use Protan SE 1.6mm membrane, which is a high-quality PVC-P (polyester reinforced thermoplastic) waterproofing membrane that has high tear and tensile strength while also containing stabilisers that make it highly resistant to both low and high temperatures as well as fire and UV rays. 

Protan single ply membrane offers the benefit of a long service life as well as fire certification BROOFT2 ref SINTEF TG. Durable and robust, it offers excellent cold properties, and even better in today’s eco-conscious environment, it has a low CO2 footprint throughout its life cycle.

Protan single ply flat roofing
Protan single ply flat roofs
Protan single ply flat roofing solution

How are Single Ply flat roofs installed?

We use the mechanically fixed Protan Standard Overlap roofing system that can be installed on both wood-based and concrete panel structural roof decks.

We loose-lay the vapour control layer made from polyethylene over the roof deck then add insulation for warm roofs before applying the Protan SE PVC membrane and on a cold roof we lay a Protan fleece underlay underneath the membrane.

We use telescopic tube washers and fasteners to mechanically fix the Protan membrane and insulation to the roof deck, ensuring that a wind load calculation has been completed for any roof over 100sqm.

Each Protan membrane roll overlaps the next by at least 120mm, and they’re welded together with hot air, creating a waterproof homogenous seal. Since no solvents or adhesives are used, every component and material used in the system can be fully recycled.

Why choose Single Ply flat roofing?

Protan single ply flat roofs are naturally resistant to the elements and UV rays as well as the build-up of harmful micro-organisms. They’re durable, waterproof, and fire-retardant and resistant to harmful chemicals, and, as an added advantage, they’re eco-friendly too.

Single ply roofs are also extremely cost-effective and low maintenance thanks to their outstanding durability and flexibility. Quick and easy to install, they’re also a speedy and straightforward roofing solution for any home.

What’s more, Protan offer a twenty-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

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